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Mother’s Day Spending 2024 | National Consumer Research Caddle + RCC

April 12, 2024

Caddle, in partnership with Retail Council of Canada (RCC), surveyed 9,467 Canadians from coast to coast to better understand consumers’ shopping intentions around Mother's Day.
In 2024, the trend to celebrate Mother's Day in Canada is waning slightly, with only 60% planning to observe the holiday, down from 72% the previous year. Uncertainty about celebrating has increased slightly to 8% from 6%. While 66.5% intend to buy gifts, down marginally from 67.1%, those celebrating are largely looking to match or exceed their previous spending. Influence on purchases comes chiefly from family and friends (32.5%) and in-store browsing (23.7%). Other significant factors include in-store displays, flyers, social media, and retailer websites. Dedicated shopping trips for Mother's Day are up to 60%, and shoppers are clearly looking for value in gift-giving.


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