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The importance of responsible sourcing to Canadians

Retail Council of Canada’s members have global supply chains and believe that businesses should act responsibly where they operate and source.  RCC members take action within their supply chains to address issues such as labour standards, human rights and worker safety through supplier Codes of Conduct, compliance programs, remediation, capacity building and formal and informal industry collaboration.  Retail sourcing programs are built on internationally recognized standards, such as International Labour Organization Conventions. 

Through its Responsible Sourcing Committee, RCC works with its members in addressing responsible sourcing issues proactively and collaboratively.

Responsible sourcing resources for retailers

RCC Responsible Sourcing Committee

RCC’s Responsible Sourcing Committee provides members the opportunity to stay on top of current issues and emerging trends within responsible sourcing, gain insights and learn best practices from leaders in the field, and help shape RCC’s response to proposed policy.  The Committee covers topics including human rights, child labour, working conditions in factories, human trafficking, modern-day slavery, fair/living wages, worker safety, factory structural issues, living conditions and more.  Retail members of the Committee have roles that include government relations, public affairs, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, ethical/responsible sourcing, and public relations. The Committee covers all retail categories and will deliver value to participants of all levels of expertise, whether just starting out or overseeing a complex sourcing program. 

RCC Responsible Trading Guidelines

RCC developed the Responsible Trading Guidelines in 2003, intended as a baseline in responsible sourcing for all sizes of Canadian retailers, and to provide guidelines for members that would like to create or update their own codes. It was updated in 2013 with an expanded scope, with references to best practice conventions and codes from NGOs and multilateral organizations.

Government of Canada Resources

Global Affairs Canada offers a range of resources to businesses who are operating abroad.

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