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RCC launches ShopIn campaign to celebrate independent retailers and show local love!

ShopIn is an ongoing initiative, kicking off on Saturday November 28th, to celebrate independent retailers and encourage Canadian shoppers to show local love.
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Question of the Week!

How Do You Compare?

Find out through the MySTORE Independent Retailer Question of the Week. This is a free, simple tool that gives Canada's independent retailers timely and relevant information on the state of independent retail in Canada.

Here's how it works: each week, we will invite you to answer a question related to best practices, current events, store operations, financial performance, staffing and more. It only takes a few moments to answer the MySTORE Independent Retailer Question of the Week, and in return, you'll receive the aggregated results of the survey including a brief report with timely and relevant information. With this information, you will know how you compare with other independent retailers and can make use of this information to help guide your business decisions.

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Q1) Do you have a customer loyalty program?

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