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Current Issue: coverLoss Prevention Issue 2016

On the cover: How much does crime cost the retail industry? Do we quantify the right numbers? Traditional shrinkage reporting no longer tells the whole story. To apply appropriate resources to the problem, retailers must see the full picture. Read about retail’s “Total Loss” and what needs to be considered by companies in order to understand it completely. Read the full issue.

Also in this issue:

Top technology tools to shrink your shrink
Loss prevention teams across the country are always looking for ways to better protect their organizations against loss. Find out about some of the innovative technologies that are being deployed to help retailers guard against loss and continue growing revenue.

LP Conference 2016: protecting organizations, amplifying profits
No longer focused exclusively on playing cop, today’s loss prevention professional is increasingly looking to help grow corporate profits through closer interdepartmental collaboration and a more proactive use of technology. Read about some of the latest innovations and how retailers are leveraging them to great effect.

Gaining ground in the fight against loss
Stephen O’Keefe has been a leader within the retail loss prevention community for decades. He was recently recognized by his peers for his commitment and dedication to the industry at RCC’s 2016 Loss Prevention Conference. Canadian Retailer sat down with O’Keefe to find out what the award means to him, and what he thinks of the current state of retail loss prevention.

Special in this issue:

Technological innovation helping retailers develop customer-centric views of the business

Integrating operations and an enhanced understanding of today’s customer are allowing retailers to hone their focus, removing friction from the shopping journey to improve the retail experience across all channels. Find out exactly how some leading retailers are doing this.

Previous Issue: THE TECHNOLOGY ISSUE 2016

The speed of technological innovation and increasing e-commerce activity in Canada is changing the way we do things. It's influencing virtually every part of the shopping journey, and at the same time is impacting the way retailers service their customers, both in-store and online. This special Technology and E-commerce edition of Canadian Retailer explores how significantly the retail experience is affected by the latest technologies and how retailers across the country are leveraging them to reengage and excite consumers and elevate their brands.

Read the full issue.

Also in this issue:

The future of retail
As customer expectations continue to soar, retailers are investing in technology to improve the retail experience both online and in-store. Canadian Retailer and Cognizant brought together some of today's leading retailers to discuss the ways they're doing this.

Technology for the good
As retailers invest in the technology of today in efforts to improve every aspect of the retail operation, we take a look at the technology that will be influencing the retail business and shopping journey of tomorrow, and beyond.

E-commerce next practices
Leading Canadian retailers are raising the bar and setting new e-commerce standards, making the customer's shopping experience easier and more convenient. Find out how they're doing it and what other retailers can learn from their exploits.

The state of mobile payments
mode of payment for transactions. Experts weigh in on the current mobile landscape and what it might mean for retailers and their customers going forward.

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