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Current Issue: THE STORE ISSUE 2016

Innovation drives the retail industry. From the use of the latest technology and enhanced back-end systems to improvements in customer service and in-store offering, innovation is happening throughout the retail operation. This special STORE issue of Canadian Retailer magazine highlights some of the creativity and ingenuity that’s helping to raise the standards of today’s retail experience. Read more about retail innovation in our full coverage of Retail Council of Canada’s STORE 2016 Conference.

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The focus on today’s connected consumer intensifies
Canadian Retailer and KPMG Canada recently brought together some of Canada’s leading retailers to find out how they’re innovating to meet expectations and drive growth.

Making it personal
Today’s consumer has come to expect innovations aimed at providing more convenience. Retailers are responding by better understanding and engaging with them across the shopping journey.

Only one channel
Retailers know they need to close the divide between digital and physical retailing to improve the customer experience. The way some are doing this is by integrating the two entities.

Previous Issue: GROCERY 2016

The retail industry is always changing. Whether responding to consumer behaviour and trends or driving the shopping experience through innovation, retailers are never standing still. This statement is true for all retailers, but is perhaps even more apt when talking about the Canadian grocery sector. Customer expectations today are increasing - grocers are now seen as responsible for saving them time and money while improving the shopping experience, and their lives. Find out how Canadian grocers are working toward meeting their consumers' needs and changing the way people are viewing their next grocery trip.

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