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Current Issue: HUMAN RESOURCES 2016

Human Resources departments are the backbone to many successful retail operations. They help identify, recruit, mentor and incent top talent. And they also handle much of the legal requirements and implications associated with the running of the organization. Canadian Retailer speaks to Canada’s top Human Resources experts and professionals to understand some of today’s top-of-mind HR issues, and what many within the industry are doing to address them.

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Freedom of Identity

Protection of employees’ rights in the workplace is a top priority for any retail human resources manager, including the rights of transgender employees. Find out what the law requires of companies regarding the protection of employees’ rights. Read more

Talent Shows

Positive company culture often leads to retail success. But what exactly do leading retailers look for from their talent in order to maintain that culture? Read more

Winning the War of Fit

Recruitment of top talent is always a hot topic for retailers and their HR teams. Find out how some within the industry are using a multi-prong, multi-layered, multimedia approach to best their competitors in the recruiting war.Read more