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Discovery, experience and fulfillment

January 15, 2020

Despite the proliferation of eCommerce and the potential posed by digital technologies, the physical retail store remains critical in satisfying consumer wants and needs

The retail shopping experience is an evolu­tionary one. It’s constantly changing, at times impacted by and a reaction to consumer beha­viour. And other times, the evolution is trailbla­zing, influencing the way we view, interact with and purchase product.

One of the most evident examples of this evo­lution is the explosion of eCommerce. Today, consumers don’t have to leave the comfort of their own house to browse, compare product and price and make a purchase on their tablets, home computers or mobile phones, providing a plethora of ways to connect with retailers and their offerings. And, just as plentiful, are their options concerning the way they want to receive product. eCommerce and digital tech­nologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for consumers, and for retailers to continue satisfying their needs.

However, as incredible as the eCommerce and digital revolution has been, providing consumers with the ease and convenience that are becoming synonymous with today’s shopping journey, the tactile, human elements that can only be enjoyed within a physical re­tail store are still very much a critical part of the Canadian retail experience.

This is one of the key findings that’s found within the third edition of Salesforce’s Connec­ted Shoppers Report. What follows are some of the report’s statistical insights that help sup­port this claim.

Top Reasons for Shopping in a Physical Store

  • To touch and feel merchandise
  • The overall in-store experience
  • To get merchandise immediately
  • To take advantage of in-store discounts
  • To avoid shipping fees

The store is a fulfillment hub

  • 67% have ended up buying something else while returning an item in-store
  • 59% have purchased a product online for in-store pickup
  • 62% have arranged shipping for a product they want that is unavailable in-store

The store is a community hub

  • 81% go into physical stores in order to discover and evaluate new products
  • 62% tend to buy more than intended when shopping in physical store
  • 57% have researched products online with a mobile device while in-store

Mobile mindsets redefine in-store experiences

  • 57% have researched a product with a mobile device while in-store
  • 55% like to receive offers or experiences from retailers based on their location
  • 32% have received an SMS or push notification with offers/messages while in/near a store
  • 27% have purchased a product from their mobile device while in-store