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Changes to fluid milk pricing rules in New Brunswick

January 4, 2023

Following calls from RCC, the New Brunswick Farm Products Commission will loosen some of its rules regarding the pricing and promotion of fluid milk. These changes will come into effect on June 1, 2023. RCC is awaiting details on the rule changes but the basics are as follows:

  • A retailer will be able to apply to the Commission to engage in certain product promotions (eg: product discounts through coupons) based on a combined sale of certain fluid milk products.
  • Retailers will also be allowed to apply to the Commission to sell 2-litre and 4-litre sized formats of 2%, 1%, skim or chocolate milk up to a maximum of 25 cents a litre below the minimum retail price. If approved, a retailer could engage in this ‘milk pricing holiday’ for a ten-day period, twice a year.

Finally, the Commission clarified that RCC members are currently allowed to engage in specific cross-promotion initiatives involving fluid milk and a non-fluid milk product. Such cross-promotion can only be done if a retailer cross-promotes fluid milk with a discount coupon for a non-fluid milk product from a third-party entity.  

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