RCC continues to monitor the Canada Post labour negotiations closely in order to ensure that members are informed of any potential disruption in postal service. Please check back to RCC's website for up-to-date information on this quickly changing situation.

As of July 6, Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have not reached a negotiated settlement, and according to reports in the media, Canada Post’s latest offer has been presented to CUPW as their “final offer” notwithstanding a counter offer from CUPW received July 1.

On July 5, Canada Post provided 72 hours of notice to CUPW of a potential lock-out which means that the earliest date for service disruption is Friday, July 8 (see here for full details/complete release from Canada Post). While this does not necessarily mean a disruption of service will occur, it does indicate a higher probability of this happening.

RCC has met with the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour’s office and her Parliamentary Secretary to discuss this matter, as well as hand delivered a letter urging the government to quickly resolve any service disruption. RCC has communicated the importance of the postal service for retailers of all sizes in Canada, particularly those with online businesses (package delivery/customer communications) and the need for government attention and potentially, direct and timely intervention.

On July 5, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that the federal government’s position is that they believe in the collective bargaining process and the importance of labour action as a tool of expression. It appears likely that the Federal Government will not intervene prior to any disruption of services in order to respect the collective bargaining process.

If or when a disruption of service occurs, RCC will continue to put pressure on the government to step in and become directly involved and ensure that impact to retailers’ business operations is minimized. RCC will keep you informed when decisions are made.

For questions about the government’s involvement in the strike, please contact Susie Grynol at [email protected] or at 613-656-7901.