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Canadian Dairy Commission announces unprecedented 8.4% increase in the price of milk

November 2, 2021

The Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC) announced on Friday, October 29 an unprecedented 8.4% increase in the cost of milk used to make dairy products for the retail and restaurant sectors effective February 1, 2022. This will impact some categories like butter by more than 12%.

Grocery retailers are seeing food price increases from many of their vendors but this one is particularly difficult given that it is an essential product for Canadian families and children in particular. RCC understands that farm input costs have increased significantly and that dairy famers are understandably looking to recoup those costs, but what the system lacks is any meaningful input on behalf of Canadian consumers. The three current members of the Canadian Dairy Commission are two dairy farmers and the former CEO of a milk marketing board. Simply put, consumer interests for Canadian families, or for that matter, the vital interests of the grocery or restaurant industries, go unrepresented on the CDC.

RCC issued a statement to the Toronto Star underscoring this increase as an example of one of many recent historic price increases being experienced by retailers, and met with the CDC on Monday, November 1 to convey our concerns with the process. RCC is also working with Restaurants Canada and other industry partners to consider next steps, including the potential for additional media messaging and potential advocacy to ensure that the needs of retailers and consumers are reflected in the CDC’s processes and decisions.

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