Food Product Labeling

Proposed nutrition labelling changes set for 2026 implementation

January 25, 2022

Health Canada issued an update regarding the timelines for the proposed amendments to the Table of Daily Values (TDV) and Table of Reference Amounts for Food (TRA). When finalized, the compliance date for these changes will now be January 1, 2026, in line with the first implementation date under the new Food Labelling Coordination Policy.

This change follows RCC’s advocacy efforts on this file. Health Canada had originally proposed that the implementation date for these changes would be December 2023. RCC urged Health Canada to extend the implementation timelines for this proposal and to align with the new Food Labelling Coordination Policy to ensure retailers will have sufficient time to implement the proposed changes in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.

Health Canada is still considering comments and is expecting to release the final Notices of Modification, including any other changes to their original proposals, this spring. RCC will continue to engage with Health Canada on the proposed changes and will keep members informed.

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