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Vaccination passport now required in certain retail establishments in Quebec

January 25, 2022

As of January 24, 2022, the vaccination passport will be requested from anyone 13 years of age and older who wishes to enter a retail business in Québec that has a “sales and service area” (i.e. the total area reserved for sales, services related to sales, vehicle repair and maintenance, and for the public to have access to products and services, including circulation areas, spaces where payment is made and, if applicable, food preparation areas) larger than 1,500 m2 (16,000 ft2).

Businesses whose main activity is the sale of groceries, as well as pharmacies and gas stations, will be exempted from this measure. Shopping centres will not be subject to this requirement either, but businesses of more than 1,500 m2 within them will be.

To learn more about the activities and places requiring the COVID-19 passport, see the following page and the Ministerial Order.

See also: More information on vaccine passport requirements across Canada on RCC’s page dedicated to this topic.

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