Quebec 2024-2025 Budget: Limited Solutions Offered to Retail Sector's Expanding Needs  - Retail Council of Canada

Quebec 2024-2025 Budget: Limited Solutions Offered to Retail Sector’s Expanding Needs 

March 19, 2024

Retail Council of Canada expressed disappointment in Quebec’s 2024-2025 budget, highlighting it was inadequate in addressing key challenges faced by retailers. We are concerned about the elimination of tax credits aimed at retaining experienced workers amidst a severe labour shortage, and the lack of measures to encourage employment of workers over 60. Furthermore, more police resources are needed to combat rising shoplifting and criminal activities in stores. The budget’s allocation of $15 million over three years for integrating emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, is not enough to address the retail sector’s needs in supply chain optimization and customer experience enhancement. Michel Rochette, President of RCC Quebec, emphasized the urgent need for innovation and practical solutions to these persistent issues.