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Food safety measures & inspections for romaine lettuce from Salinas, California

August 4, 2021

RCC recently confirmed that additional food safety mitigation protocols, similar to what were in place in the fall of 2020 for romaine lettuce from Salinas Valley, California (advance sampling and testing), will commence in September through to the end of December of 2021.

Focused inspections of fresh fruit and vegetable licence holders who import romaine lettuce will also be starting in August, and random inspections of actual imported product will begin in September. Companies targeted for these inspections will be contacted directly. 

RCC’s efforts helped ensure that advance notice was provided, and that these added compliance measures will not be extended to other regions and product categories at this time. RCC is working closely with the Canadian and US governments, as well as other industry partners, advocating for the flexibility to allow for testing at harvest rather than at the production level.

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