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Retailers create safer workplaces and receive nearly $1.5 million in rebates as part of RCC/WSIB safety group

December 19, 2019

RCC’s members were recognized by the Workplace Health and Safety Board Ontario with an outstanding score of 93.33%. RCC members who participated in the program also received nearly $1.5 million dollars in rebate returns.

The RCC/WSIB Safety Group received rebate returns of nearly $1.5 million in 2019.

The RCC/WSIB Safety Group is an innovative, voluntary-based initiative that offers retail participants benefits including opportunities to network with fellow retailers about health and safety topics and issues, remaining in-the-know about Ontario’s health and safety legislative changes and consultations, and an opportunity to decrease administrative costs around loss-time injuries and illnesses.

RCC strives to help our retail members reach their health and safety goals, and the Safety Group Program is an excellent way to get involved.

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