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2022 Retail Education Scholarship Winners

June 9, 2022

RCC is proud to announce this year’s Retail Education Scholarship Winners! These students have demonstrated outstanding academic achievements, dedication to furthering education, and a passion for retail. Congratulations winners!

2022 Winners

  • Alexandra Bastarache, sponsored by Ardene Holdings
  • Ava Almonde, sponsored by Best Buy Canada
  • Saghi (Sophia) Khadem-Sameni, sponsored by Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Mohamed Ahmed Shariff, sponsored by Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Alazar Tessema, sponsored by Canadian Tire Corporation
  • Natalia Soltys, sponsored by Costco Wholesale
  • Dylan Lewis, sponsored by Home Hardware Stores
  • Claire O’Brien, sponsored by IKEA Canada
  • Samantha Kobitowich, sponsored by Staples Canada
  • Abigail Steen, sponsored by The Home Depot Canada
  • Hannah Eisnor, sponsored by The Source
  • Jennifer Liljemark, sponsored by TJX Canada
  • Jacqueline Chung, sponsored by Toys R Us Canada
  • Cristian Naranjilla, sponsored by Walmart Canada

Interested in a career in retail? Are you currently enrolled at a Canadian College or University? Do you currently work in retail? You could be eligible for a Retail Education Scholarship. Learn more.

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