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BC government releases summary of consultation response regarding Recycling Intentions Paper

June 7, 2021

RCC and our members submitted a thoughtful response to a BC Government intentions paper regarding the expansion of the recycling regime in fall 2020.  The expansion would impact mattresses, marine debris, hazardous products and packaging (medical sharps, flares, large fuel containers, veterinary medicines, residual pesticides), vaping products, and, electric vehicle batteries.  It also proposes to obligate packaging and paper waste produced by the commercial sector including retail stores.

On June 7, government released a 35-page summary of the responses received from local governments, First Nations, environmental non-governmental organizations, the waste management industry, and, manufacturers and sellers of items that would be obligated by the expansion.  Moving the cost of recycling from local governments (through taxes) to consumers (through eco-fees) can be highly disruptive to retailers and manufacturers.

RCC is concerned that in meaningful ways the consultation response misrepresents the retail industry’s views.  RCC will detail our concerns for the participants in our sustainability committee and will respond to government to ask that the consultation response be corrected.

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