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Manitoba funding to support EV charging infrastructure

August 15, 2023

Under a program administered by the Manitoba Motor Dealers Association, Manitoba businesses considering Electric Vehicle infrastructure to support their fleets, workplace or as a customer service may be eligible for federal funding that supports up to 50% to a maximum of $100,000 in EV charging infrastructure and construction costs per company application. 

The official launch of the Manitoba program will be August 21, 2023 with the eligibility parameters being the same as a previous round that can be found at this link being updated.  All projects must be completed by September 2024. However companies are also eligible to apply even if they have already started the installations of EV charges as long as these are not completed before they are approved for the program. Members will be sent all the updated information as soon as RCC has received it.

For questions or more information contact

John Graham
Director, Government Relations (Prairies)
204 926-8624