Advice When Meeting with Candidates

An election is a great time to reach out and meet your local candidates.

It’s a great opportunity to share your perspectives, and discuss how the government can help small, mid-sized and large businesses grow and prosper.

Given that the retail industry is vital to every community in Canada, RCC needs your help to get the retail industry’s message front and centre. We have a unique opportunity to ensure that every candidate in every community knows the importance of the retail sector. We can provide candidates with approaches to ensure the competitiveness of our industry if they are elected.

Here are some ways that you can help spread the message about the importance of retail in your community:

  • Learn about your local candidates by visiting their party websites.
  • Request a meeting with each of your local candidates to discuss issues facing retailers in your community. RCC has prepared one-pagers on the key issues to help guide your discussions.
  • Attend events where candidates will be in attendance. To find out about upcoming events, check your candidates’ websites, sign up for their newsletters, or follow them on social media.