David Poirier, CEO The Poirier Group and Ted Salter - Retail Council of Canada
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David Poirier, CEO The Poirier Group and Ted Salter

First up is David Poirier, Founder and CEO of The Poirier Group – we look back at a bit of retail history through our mutual lens as former Hudson’s Bay executives (Dave was CIO of HBC, I was Director of eCommerce and CRM), the nature and pace of change in retail technology (hint: don’t buy the Pink Pill), moving to agile processes, helping retailers understand how the work gets done, sustainable results and the right metrics. Next my interview recorded in Vancouver at the Consumer Goods Global Summit with Ted Salter, Partner, Canada, Advisory Services, EY. We talk about his vast experience working with retailers at the most senior levels and helping them move beyond being efficient, helping them imagining the future consumer with customer “hackathons”, creating future worlds, un-freezing the worldview and Ted’s response to my “if you had a Billion dollars, what would you do?” retail question.