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Frank Lavin Export Now |Sarah Barnes-Humphrey | Logistics Specialist Audrey Ross

In this episode we’re focused on the the Supply Chain Delays and Cost Increases of COVID-19. For most retailers this is a 90day+ issue; the goods on offer made or sourced in China between now and spring at retail are mostly already on the water or in warehouses domestically. Continued delays however mean bottlenecks at shipping ports or air freight, both of which mean more delays and cost, including promotional plans and long-lead marketing programs (e.g. flyer production). First, I welcome Frank Lavin, Founder and Chairman, Export Now back to the podcast to set the stage. With decades of the most senior experience in Asia, including U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Singapore and working in the White House as an undersecretary of commerce for Asia, he brings a unique and rare voice to the current state of affairs. Second, Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, retail supply chain expert and host of the most excellent podcast, Let’s Talk Supply Chain. Sarah helps us zone in on the retail issues and scope and scale of the issues. Lastly, Audrey Ross, Logistics & Customs Specialist for Orchard customer beauty, a Canadian based global supplier and maker of cosmetics with offices in China and with a global sourcing footprint, brings it all together and gives us a day-to-day perspective dealing with this crisis in their work supplying retailers in North America and around the world.