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B.C. ‘essential worker’ vaccination plan for warehouses/distribution centres

March 29, 2021

RCC is working with the B.C. public health authorities in an effort to help them plan their essential service vaccination for “wholesale/warehouses” (e.g., distribution centres).

Retailers have contact with many distribution centres and manufacturing facilities across the province and the province hopes that RCC can help them better understand how many vaccinations will be required and in which locations. RCC will share the information with provincial public health officials who have committed to keep the information confidential.  RCC will not share any information with other retailers.

To this end, if you have, or contract with, a distribution centre in B.C., please contact Greg Wilson at gwilson@retailcouncil.org with your distribution’s centres location and number of workers in that distribution centre.  You should be providing as exact a number of workers as possible (which is to say not FTEs, full and part-time, to include security, cleaning or other employees who regularly work in the facility.) Finally, to help the province be in contact when they are able to vaccinate your distribution centre, please provide the name, email address and telephone number for a contact person for that distribution centre.

In addition, if you do local manufacturing in B.C. or know of a local manufacturer of your product, please let us know as well so that we may inform the province.

Please direct any questions to gwilson@retailcouncil.org or abruenjes@retailcouncil.org.