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B.C. expands Extended Producer Responsibility to include more products and packaging

September 10, 2021

B.C.’s Environment Minister George Heyman today announced the expansion of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for more products and packaging:

1.  Mattresses and foundations, compressed canisters (propane and fire extinguishers) and medical sharps will be obligated.  It is anticipated this will happen in fall 2023 with programs operational in 2025.

2.  Hybrid and electric vehicle batteries are also to be obligated in 2023 with programs for those products operational in 2026.

3.  Definitions related to emerging electronics and moderately hazardous products will be amended in 2026, resulting in the obligation of those products.

4.  Data collection and studies will begin in 2022 with a view toward developing a policy approach for industrial, commercial and institutional packaging and paper products in 2025.

B.C. has the most fully-developed extended producer responsibility regime in North America encompassing more products and packaging types than any other regime. B.C. routinely sets precedents for other North American jurisdictions. RCC has extensive involvement and experience in Canadian EPR programs and a broad range of contacts with governments. RCC will closely monitor the development of the regulatory amendments and program plans for the new B.C. obligations.

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