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For members with stores in British Columbia: BC Government to require registration of employers and recruiters of Temporary Foreign Workers

The BC Government will introduce legislation in fall 2018 to require that Employers and Recruiters of Temporary Foreign Workers register prior to applying for a Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Government of Canada. Government’s intention is to protect a vulnerable class of worker.

The system will work in a similar manner to systems existing in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. There will be no cost to register. The Employment Standards Branch will review applicants past conduct prior to approval of an application.

Employers hiring through an agency will be required to hire an agency that is a registered (licensed) recruiter. (However, employees who find personnel on behalf of a registered employer will not be required to register individually.)

Government will not collect personal information about the temporary foreign worker. It is anticipated that registration would begin at July 1 or September 1, 2019.

Next Steps:

  1. If members have recommendations resulting from experiences with the registration system in either Manitoba or Saskatchewan, members are asked to contact Greg Wilson at RCC.
  2. RCC will monitor introduction, consideration and passage of the legislation. RCC will participate in consultation response to the Province in regard to the regulatory regime for registration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact: Greg Wilson, Director, Government Relations (B.C.) at 604-736-0368 or

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