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Government consulting on EPR for commercial packaging and paper products

January 10, 2023

As part of their 5-year action plan, the B.C. government is beginning a new round of consultations with stakeholders, including RCC, in regard to the inclusion of industrial, commercial, and institutional (ICI) packaging and paper products (PPP) under the extended producer responsibility (EPR) regime – in a manner similar to residential packaging (a program operated by Recycle BC).

RCC’s traditional position is that commercial entities should be obligated to properly manage packaging and paper product waste independently at their own cost through waste management service providers. Nonetheless, RCC is in the position of having to respond. B.C.’s regime is likely to be precedential as several other provinces are considering ICI PPP obligations – and several provinces have modeled their EPR regulations on B.C.’s recycling regulation.

The government’s current consultation covers the following topics: challenges in increasing ICI PPP diversion in rural and remote B.C. communities; underlying issues or trends impacting the sector, specifically in rural and remote areas; recycling schemes that are currently working well that could potentially be expanded or enhanced; key priorities you would like to see addressed as part of this process; and, ideas for improvements. The significant majority of stakeholders impacting the consultation are likely to be local governments, regional districts, and First Nations communities.

This obligation could have significant cost and operational impacts on all retailers and quick-service restaurants.

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