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Manitoba announces new restrictions – retail capacity unchanged

December 20, 2021

The Manitoba government has just announced new measures intended to address the growing risk of the Omicron variant. The restrictions are wide reaching, however do not include changes to the rules currently in place for retail stores.

Retail stores across most of Manitoba will remain at 100% of capacity., with stores operating across most of Southern Health Region remaining at 50% of fire code.

Retail stores are also expected to maintain a strong commitment to the mandatory mask requirements, and physical distancing practices that remain in place.

Capacity Reduced for Non-Retail Settings:

As of 12:01 am on Tuesday, December 21, capacity will be lowered to 50% for gyms, licensed facilities, movie theatres as well as large sporting events. Further, guests at licensed restaurants must remain seated, with a cap of 10 people per table.

There are also further limits being placed on indoor and outdoor gatherings. Public indoor gatherings away from the home will be restricted to 25% to a maximum of 25 people, while outdoor limits have been set at 50 people.

Under the new orders household gatherings will also be further restricted, allowing for the household plus maximum of 10 guests, further reduced to five guests should an eligible unvaccinated person be in attendance. Those under 12 are excluded from the count.

RCC remains in ongoing daily discussions with senior members of the government and appreciates the decision to not introduce more restrictive measures on the retail sector that were being initially considered.

The new Health Order will be in place until at least January 11, 2022.

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Director, Government Relations (Prairies)
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