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Winnipeg retailers under new capacity and gathering sizes

October 16, 2020

With the growing number of cases in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region, the province is introducing targeted measures under the Restricted (Orange) level of the Pandemic Response System to reduce community spread of the virus.

As of Monday, Oct. 19, for a minimum of two weeks, a broad number of restrictions will be implemented including formally reducing capacity at all retail businesses to 50%. Additionally, gathering size limits have been reduced from 10 to five, including mall food courts and common areas.  Restaurants will also be required to reduce table gathering sizes from 10 to five, in addition to reducing capacity to 50%. 

The Government is also strongly encouraged to limit the number of people from each household who go shopping, as well as take a number of other proactive precautions.

The Health Order requires all beverage rooms, entertainment facilities, casinos and bingo halls to close for a minimum of two weeks, as of Monday.

These measures will be in effect for two weeks and may be renewed with additional restrictions if these changes are unable to slow the community transmission currently seen in the Winnipeg Metropolitan Region.

The Health Order is expected to be posted by Monday.

For more information contact:
John Graham