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Environment and Climate Change Canada to join RCC’s upcoming Plastics Committee meeting

August 16, 2022

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) will be joining RCC’s Plastics Committee meeting on August 22 (3-4pm ET) to present and answer member questions on the proposed:

Last week, RCC also held a member workshop to discuss the Plastics Registry which would require producers to report various metrics for material categories such as packaging, textiles and major appliances, among others. Objectives include making data open and accessible, providing baselines for future extended producer responsibility work, informing investment along the plastics lifecycle and more. It will be important to ensure there is a realistic phased implementation timeline while seeking ways to reduce administrative burden and cost. For example, having the government source data that’s already reported at the provincial level through 3rd parties, like producer responsibility organizations (PROs) or regulators.

RCC is in the process of preparing draft submissions for both of these consultations and will be seeking member feedback in the coming weeks

For questions or more information contact

Kelsey Morden
Senior Manager, Sustainability Programs

For questions or more information contact:

Michael Zabaneh
Vice President, Sustainability

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