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Key issues for retailers as the federal election kicks off

August 17, 2021

As readers well know, an election is now underway at the federal level. RCC’s message to all parties regardless of political stripe is consistent: Even as the economy continues to reopen, the road to recovery for retailers remains fragile and the support of government continues to be essential. We want to see a focus on growth and a solid plan for the future: a plan that focuses on making Canada a place where businesses want to invest. 

RCC has launched a section on our website called VOTE RETAIL to keep members informed of party positions and relevant news throughout the election period. The site also details RCC’s critical asks:

  1. Reduce credit card interchange fees: Canadians pay some of the highest interchange fees in the world.
  2. Reinstate a new Visitor Rebate Program: Canada must stay competitive in the global tourism market.
  3. Eliminate tariffs on clothing and textiles: Canadians are paying up to 10% extra on apparel and shoes.

We encourage you to check back often as the VOTE RETAIL section will also list information on where the parties stand on matters that impact retail.

For questions or more information contact

Karl Littler
Senior Vice-President, Public Affairs
416- 467-3783