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New Brunswick has moved into the Orange Level due to case count increase

January 7, 2021

Due to a recent increase in cases, the entire province of New Brunswick has moved into the Orange Level in the COVID-19 protocols as of January 6. This level limits public gatherings and discourages unnecessary travel within the province but does not have a specific impact on retail. However, quick service restaurants must adhere to the following requirement at drive through windows:

Face masks are required when accessing goods though a drive-thru window. Masks are required for workers and any occupants of the vehicle who will be within 2 metres of the drive-thru window.

Also, the government announced today that it will be offering grants to small businesses of up to $5,000. The details will be released at a later date but businesses who endured at least one week in the Orange or Red Levels of the COVID-19 protocols, between October 10, 2020 and March 31, 2021 will be eligible to apply.

For more information, see New Brunswick’s press release and reminder of the requirements for the Orange Level

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