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New Brunswick increases COVID-19 testing rules for commercial truck drivers

February 25, 2021

Member Update/Impact

As of March 1, 2021, New Brunswick resident commercial truck drivers (long haul and day-trip) who drive outside of Atlantic Canada and whose trip begins and/or ends in New Brunswick will be subject to mandatory COVID-19 testing.  Drivers making frequent trips to/from the province will be subject to weekly COVID-19 tests.  Other drivers will be subject to the COVID-19 test either:

  • during their time in New Brunswick, after entering the province, or;
  • after a long haul trip that lasted longer than one week.

The test must be completed within 24 hours of the driver returning home.  It will be mandatory for a driver to have documentation of the completed test both in their vehicle and with their employer (at head office).

Inspections for compliance may be sporadic but could include stopping the commercial truck driver at a border checkpoint and/or visiting employers to audit the testing records and personnel files of each driver.


Currently, drivers must access the PCR diagnostic COVID-19 test.  Once tested, drivers will not have to wait for the PCR diagnostic COVID-19 test results.  The government has stated that commercial drivers will soon be able to access the rapid COVID-19 screening test.  The results from the rapid tests will be available within 15-20 minutes and thus, drivers will have to wait for the results. 

Each of these tests will be completed at testing centres throughout the province.  The testing centres will provide all of the required authenticated test result documentation to the driver in either paper or electronic form.  The government is still finalizing the locations for these testing centres but stated that some of the options will include:

  • pharmacies along the New Brunswick border (near points of entry);
  • regular testing centres that already exist, throughout the province.

A driver needs to book an appointment in order to get a test.  Tests can be scheduled at the following link (select the Trucker Option) or by calling 1-833-475-0724.  A dedicated phone line (1-833-475-0724) will be available to commercial drivers to schedule their tests, get information about testing , and to set up their account on MyHealthNB to access their test results.  

For more information, please review the government briefing notes in English and French.  The briefing notes include information regarding:

  • when test results from other jurisdictions and private companies may be accepted (Page 2);
  • the steps to follow if a driver tests positive (Page 3).

Next Steps

RCC will continue to work with its members and the New Brunswick government to ensure that this public health measure does not needlessly create a backlog in the transportation of retail goods.

For more information contact Jim Cormier, Atlantic Director at or (902)818-7738.