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The Government of New Brunswick has provided documents to assist businesses with preparations for reopening

May 13, 2020

The Government of New Brunswick has released a Provincial Recovery Framework plan to assist businesses with preparing for an eventual reopening with some continued restrictions in mind and recovery phases. New Brunswick is the first province to release this type of document.

New Brunswick’s Provincial Recovery Framework: COVID-19 Pandemic Plan

View Provincial Recovery Framework: English | French

The New Brunswick government began loosening restrictions on April 25, 2020. This decision involved allowing people to congregate in some public spaces. If plans continue as expecting, the next steps in the recovery could commence around mid-May (see last page of this document). The second phase of the recovery plan will allow retailers that have been closed during the pandemic to reopen, along with restaurants, etc.

New Brunswick – Recovery Phase 2: Guidance

Detailed information for what retailers will need to operate can be found in the document from WorkSafeNB entitled, Embracing the New Normal. (Also available in French.)

It will be important for retailers with stores in New Brunswick to read this document. Although it is titled as ‘Guidelines’, there are aspects to the document that are mandatory for all businesses that wish to open or continue operations during the initial months of a post COVID-19 world.

Items of note include:

All businesses must develop an Operational Plan. Businesses must be able to produce the plan if an inspector visits the business. (see page 16). For businesses that have not yet developed such a plan, a Word doc template is available from page 16. The government understands that many large retailers have already developed a national operations plan. They applaud this initiative and do not expect retailers to rewrite their operational plan for New Brunswick. However, retailers must ensure that the mandatory aspects of New Brunswick’s proposed operational plan can be easily found in a retailer’s operational plan.

  • COVID-19 awareness signage must be used. (See pages 9, 11, 15 and the various links in the operational plan template). 
  • The use of community face masks by New Brunswick citizens is strongly recommended. Individual businesses can make the use of masks mandatory for anyone in their business. (See pages 20 and 21)
  • Pre-screening tools. (See pages 9,11, 20-22)
  • Rules regarding physical distancing. (See pages 3, 5-6, 9, 18-19)
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures. (See pages 9, 19-21)
  • Operational components related to the handling of money, cleaning supplies, washrooms and handwashing stations. (See pages 9, 19-21)
  • Pre-Screening checklist (See pages 11, 20)

Please note: The government did not specifically consult with the business sector in advance of releasing these documents. However, RCC has been in ongoing conversations with the province throughout the COVID-19 crisis. RCC will work with retailers to seek answers to questions and provide clarifications regarding the reopening requirements. RCC will continue working with government officials to defend the interests of the retail sector. 

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