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Retail limited to one shopper per household in Nova Scotia

May 11, 2021

To further reduce transmission rates, Nova Scotians will now be limited to allowing one shopper per household to enter stores.  Exceptions will be made for children and caregivers.

The government is also advising mass merchant and grocery retailers to take additional steps to remind their customers that:

  • Purchases should be limited to essential items only.
  • Customers should enter a retail store with a plan of what they need to purchase to help limit their trips to / time in a retail store.
  • Customers should consider ordering online for pickup or delivery whenever possible.

Government inspectors will be visiting retail stores in the coming weeks. Retailers are encouraged to take action (e.g., signage, increased presence at retail entrances and/or on the sales floor) to ensure awareness of the latest government advice.

Retail Council of Canada continues to advocate for all retail to be allowed to welcome customers in-store, but with capacity limits.

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