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How retail is impacted by Ontario’s 2022 election

June 6, 2022

Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives won a second majority mandate on June 2, 2022, with 83 seats – seven more than the 2018 provincial election. Both NDP leader Andrea Horwath and Liberal leader Steven Del Duca resigned in their concession speeches, meaning both parties will begin a leadership process.

From a retail perspective, a PC majority win means the continued implementation of the 2022 infrastructure-focused budget, including the creation of the proposed Highway 413. Further, supporting the movement of goods, the PCs will also be ending tolls on highways 412 and 418, with a temporary reduction in the gas tax.

Many other PC initiatives are expected to continue on, like the proposed Class B, non-RPP rate class pilot, as well as the continued focus on extended producer responsibility for packaging.

The PCs have been the most vocal on opening up competition on alcohol retailing – this majority victory ensures that Premier Ford and his team will be in the drive’s seat when the important Master Framework Agreement with The Beer Store expires on September 22, 2025. RCC knows that this is a major priority for our members, and a strong policy from Ontario could have an impact on other provinces.

RCC expects Premier Ford to move rather quickly post-election, with Cabinet positions being announced in the near future. We will also be watching to see if Premier Ford calls the Legislature back in the summer to pass the budget. RCC will be looking to meet with Cabinet Ministers and their teams after they are announced, to continue to advocate for retailers.

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