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Coronavirus | Ontario

Ontario announces new measures, with reduced capacity for essential retailers

April 16, 2021

With increases in new COVID cases on an almost daily basis, Ontario has moved to extend and tighten the current stay-at-home order and province-wide shutdown, by restricting social gatherings (indoor & outdoor) to household only. Retailers can also expect an increase in the number of inspections.

These new restrictions are effective immediately, and extend the stay-at-home order by two weeks, to May 21, 2021.

Contrary to media reports that suggested tighter rules such as the removal of curbside pick-up, RCC is happy to share that is not the case. Curbside sales continue to be allowed in their current form. This is the same for distrabution centres, which can continue to operate without change.

For grocery, pharmacy, and convience store members, there is a new capacity restriction of 25% (down, from 50%). Members in these categories can use RCC’s Capacity Calculator, which supports members through the 25% capacity formula of sales floor, less fixtures, divided by 16m2.

For big box and discount selling grocery, there are two additions to the essential products list in that stores may now sell safety supplies (such as fire alarms, extinguishers, life jackets, etc.) as well as school supplies such as paper, pencils, crayons, and other applicable supplies. Note that RCC has been informed that school supplies do not include electronics like tablets or laptops.

Finally, RCC understands that only essentail residential, and commercial construction are alowed.

Today’s change will be consolidated into O. Reg 82/20. Please connect Sebastian Prins, Director of Government Relations (Ontario) with any additional questions at sprins@retailcouncil.org.