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Ontario essential construction rules and latest the emergency Order

April 20, 2021

For members with questions about essential construction under the latest emergency Order in Ontario, the best place to reference and find the full definition is in Schedule 2, Section 43 of Ontario Regulation 82/20.

Of particular interest to retailers are Section 43 (f) and Section 43 (g) which identify that construction is considered essential if it:

  • (Section f) provides additional capacity in the production, processing, manufacturing or distribution of food, beverages or agricultural products;
  • (Section g) construction commenced before April 17, 2021 and:
    • (i) provides additional capacity for businesses that provide logistical support, distribution services, warehousing, storage or shipping and delivery services,
    • (ii) provides additional capacity in the operation and delivery of Information Technology (IT) services or telecommunications services, or
    • (iii) provides additional capacity to, or enhance the efficiency or operations of, businesses that extract, manufacture, process and distribute goods, products, equipment and materials.

Pour en savoir plus, veuillez communiquer avec :

Sebastian Prins
Directeur, Relations gouvernementales (Ontario)
416 467-3759

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