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Ontario: RCC’s store capacity limit calculation tool

November 17, 2020

The government’s store capacity limit rules have been designed to be flexible to accommodate for various types of store layouts while ensuring that the maximum number of customers can be allowed in stores as long as they maintain a physical distance of at least two meters (6.65 ft) at all times, especially for regions experiencing Orange, Red or Grey level restrictions.

There are multiple ways to calculate capacity limits. To provide retailers with a simple calculation, RCC recommends the following method: total sales floor square metres, less fixtures, with the result divided by 4m2 (43 sq ft). See the step by step in the diagram below:

Please note: RCC’s calculation method results in a smaller capacity limit than the legal requirement technically allows. In theory, if stores account for circle packing (e.g. you can fit more 2 metre (6.65 ft) diameter circles in a space than you can fit 4m2 (43 sq ft) squares) a slightly higher, more exact capacity limit number could be determined.

For further information contact Sebastian Prins, Director, Government Relations (Ontario) at [email protected].

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