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Vaccination rollout in Ontario announced but information on essential workers is still forthcoming

February 25, 2021

Ontario released further information on Tuesday regarding the province’s vaccination rollout beyond the current phase one:

  • Mid-March: people aged 80+
  • April 15: people 75+
  • May 1: people 70+
  • June 1: people 65+
  • July 1: people 60 years+

Essential workers are expected to receive their shots beginning the first week of May, 2021 but a decision on who will qualify in that category is yet to be made by Cabinet.

Retail Council of Canada is connecting large members with distribution centers to the Ontario government to further rapid testing in the distribution centers for food and pharmacy supply chains. If your company hasn’t been in touch with the government, and has a large distribution center operation in a hot spot zone, please email Sebastian Prins so we can make an introduction. For small and medium-sized retailers, RCC is also leading discussions with our pharmacy members over facilitating rapid testing through private-sector pharmacy. Diane J. Brisebois, RCC President and CEO, together with major market players, are participating in discussions with government staff to continue to advance this important equity topic.

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