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PEI announces Moving Forward plan

May 27, 2021
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PEI’s five-step Moving Forward plan was announced today, with full details of the announcement now available on the government website

Highlights of the approach include: 

Step 1

PEI projects that by June 6, 2021, restaurants may have a table size of up to 20, with no restricted closing times for the in-person consumption of food and beverage. 

Step 2

The second phase is expected to start June 27, 2021, provided that at least 80% of Islanders have received at least their first vaccine dose and 80% of the vulnerable populations have received their second dose.

PEI will open up to residents of the Atlantic bubble who are partially vaccinated, while fully and partially vaccinated PEI residents will no longer have to self-isolate when they return home, with testing. Domestic travel outside the Atlantic bubble will also be allowed for pre-approved groups, with shortened isolation periods for all travellers.

Step 3

The province projects that by July 18, 2021, non-medical mask requirements will ease. 

Step 4

Projected for August 8, 2021. Provided that 50% of eligible Islanders have received their second of two doses of vaccine. Domestic travel outside Atlantic Canada is permitted with conditions.  

Step 5

Provided that 80% of eligible Islanders have received both doses of their vaccines, all COVID restricts may be lifted on September 12, 2021. This includes the full opening of businesses, domestic travel within Canada with no restrictions and the elimination of testing protocols upon entry.

Jim Cormier

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Jim Cormier
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