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Rules for truck drivers in PEI delivering goods to the province

February 9, 2021

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 variants arriving in New Brunswick, the PEI government has decided to strengthen its rules regarding the delivery of goods into the province.

The changes impact regular and sporadic deliveries, which would come through passenger screening entry points to the province as well as the commercial truckers – deemed as rotational workers – who visit the province frequently and are processed at the weigh scale, upon entry to the province.

The province has increased enforcement at entry points to the Island. Every commercial entity involved in making deliveries into PEI must have their required paperwork with them at all times. The rule changes can be found at this link and are summarized as follows:

For regular deliveries to PEI:

  • Same day commercial delivery with a curbside drop off (no close contact / interaction) is allowed.
  • Same day commercial delivery with close contact / interaction (entering a home) is allowed but the delivery person / people must get a rapid COVID test on the Island, either as they enter PEI or as they are leaving.
  • If a delivery person must enter PEI on multiple days within a week, the delivery person is required to get a rapid COVID test on the Island, at least once in that week.
  • There is a testing site at 20 Dickie Road in Borden (at the Confederation Bridge) where commercial truckers get in and out within 10-15 minutes. The trucker does not have to wait for the results.

For commercial truckers deemed as rotational workers (eg., delivering grocery) that make numerous trips per week to PEI: These deliveries follow different rules that have been mandated throughout the pandemic. There is only one small change to these rules: These commercial truckers are now being asked to either stay in their cab while the product is being unloaded or, if this is not possible, they must wear their mask and keep physical distancing when unloading the truck. These delivery people are not to go into the public part of the retail store.

More information can be found here.

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