Reminder: French language a key to success in Montreal - Retail Council of Canada

Reminder: French language a key to success in Montreal

June 24, 2021

With Quebecers’ Saint-Jean-Baptiste National Day celebrations in full swing, RCC would like to remind members of the importance of the use of French in businesses in Quebec, both for legal reasons and the general importance of preserving the French face of Montreal. French signage is a core part of Montreal’s identity and an attraction for tourists as they return, one of the city’s unique competitive advantages in North America.

Local French-speaking clientele and media are very sensitive to this topic, especially in Montreal, where the tourism industry has seen a significant downturn during the pandemic. In the past, we have seen boycotts of certain businesses or chains of businesses for linguistic reasons.

As always, RCC is here to guide you and help you tactfully offer your services in French. 

For questions or more information contact

Jean-Francois Belleau
Director, Government Relations (Québec)
(514) 316-7659