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Government of Yukon seeking feedback on upcoming single-use shopping bag ban

January 21, 2021

The Government of Yukon has opened consultation on the implementation of a single-use shopping bag ban (both plastic and paper). They are seeking input on: timing of implementation, exemptions that should be allowed and other issues or barriers related to a single-use ban. The ban is not proposed to cover:

  • Prescription bags provided by pharmacists;
  • Bags sold as products for waste such as bags for garbage, compost and animal waste;
  • Bags sold as products for snacks, sandwiches or freezer-type bags; and
  • Bags provided as primary packaging for food, produce, bakery items, meat, fast food, deli items, and hardware bulk items.

The consultation is open until March 8, 2021.

RCC will be preparing a submission in the coming weeks. Members may also provide individual feedback here.

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