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Current Issue: cover The Food & Grocery Issue 2018

In this issue:

Feed the need to reimagine the grocery experience
Leading grocers are combining cutting-edge technology and unique in-store offerings to elevate today’s grocery experience and provide their customers with the choice and experience that they desire.

Online grocery: the future is here
Grocery retail in Canada is in a state of transition. Companies are steadily adopting online shopping in the form of ‘click-and-collect’ curb-side pickup and home delivery as the sector collectively awaits the grocery e-commerce tipping point.

Checking out the competition
With Amazon’s recent expansion into the grocery market, and the launch of Amazon Go, retailers ponder what’s in store for the future of the grocery sector in Canada.

Improving the customer experience to drive business impact
Every consumer suffers a problem retail experience at one time or another, potentially damaging the retailer’s reputation if that experience is shared and amplified. However, leading retailers are leveraging those problem experiences to uncover opportunities to meet the needs of the consumer.

Kitted for success
If meal kits delivered to the home have found a recipe for success, it’s easy to understand why. The concept underlying the service is simplicity itself. And results are starting to nibble away at grocery food sales.

Guelph food innovation research lab yielding new grocery shopper insights
Retailers and food manufacturers alike are leveraging the state of the art lab at the University of Guelph to better understand grocery shopping patterns and decision influencers in order to increase sales and satisfy customers.

Special in this issue:

Why grocery is a mix of art and science
The grocery category is rapidly under siege by conventional and unconventional competitors. In these uncertain times, grocers should look for ways to leverage their deep knowledge in the “art” of being a merchant with the “science” of data analytics.

Canadian CPGS assess options for growth
The changes roiling the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry are significant enough that companies are starting to reexamine fundamental tenets that have in the past served them well. Find out how some are achieving growth through unconventional means.

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Previous Issue: The Marketing Issue 2018

In this issue:

Social influencers are transforming the world of marketing and the way consumers find out about products and services. And savvy retailers are joining the conversation to help build their brands and strengthen their businesses.

Re-tailoring the customer experience
Leading retailers are reimagining the shopping journey. Find out how they’re driving increased physical traffic to brick-and-mortar locations through the creation of immersive, personalized instore experiences and curated services for their customers.

Special in this issue:

Breaking through in the digital age
Canadian Retailer speaks with Howard Chang, President and CEO of Top Drawer Creative, about the ways a good story can set brands apart from their competitors and build meaningful connections with their consumers.

The mobilization of retail
Mobile is here to stay. Find out how the integration of mobile technologies into the sales floor and payments systems can eliminate friction from the shopping journey, making way for a more engaging in-store experience.

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