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Current Issue: cover The Technology Issue 2017

In this issue:

Getting results
Adapting to preferred payment methods for customers around the world can help retailers remove friction from the shopping experience and garner more sales. Learn how.

Selling across borders
Eshopworld helps simplify the complexities of selling internationally with its services, allowing retailers to not only remain competitive, but to grow their business as well.

Don’t “Wannacry” anymore about cybercrime?
Cybercrime is the scourge of the retail industry. Find out about the latest tips and tools that can help you protect your business against computer crime and computer fraud.

How can technology solve the biggest retail challenges?
As retailers continue to turn to technology to benefit the business, which innovations should retailers be looking at heading into 2018?

Channel loyalty
E-commerce presents retailers with a host of challenges as well as a host of opportunities going forward. Can Canadian retailers position themselves for continued online growth?

Content is king
How retail innovators are using online content to grow their businesses and improve the customer experience.

Special in this issue:

Retail 2018: What the future has in store
Diane J. Brisebois, Retail Council of Canada President & CEO, talks trends, challenges and disruption with the Retail Prophet, Doug Stephens.

Leading retailers in Canada
The CSCA Retail 100, created by the Centre for the Study of Commercial Activity (CSCA) at Ryerson University, brings you the top 100 retail conglomerates operating in Canada in 2016.

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Previous Issue: The Supply Chain Issue 2017

In this issue:

Embracing the Internet of Things
Asset tracking. Fleet management. Customer insights. How the Internet of Things is changing the retail supply chain from the ground up.

Ten things retailers need to know about APIs
APIs have been around for some 17 years. Today, retailers are leveraging them to maximize inventory management and streamline supply chain operations.

Special in this issue:

Flowcasting: in-stock – whenever, wherever
How Princess Auto Ltd. is using the Flowcasting planning process to improve in-stocks and profits while unleashing a new omnichannel fulfilment model.

Growth reverberated
Danish footwear giant ECCO Shoes is currently expanding its presence within the Canadian market. Find out how it’s achieving its goals.

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