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On the cover: Many within the industry have been talking about the death of the paper flyer for years, and yet they persist. Our feature article ‘Read a flyer: read a consumer’ takes a look at the health of the retail paper flyer, the evolution of the digital flyer, and how their combined presence and distribution are helping retailers everywhere form a better understanding of today’s connected consumer. Read the full issue.

*Special Marketing to millennials roundtable discussion brought to you by Hallmark Canada
Millennial engagement
It's no secret the power that the millennial generation represents. But what are retail marketers doing to engage them, and how are they leveraging all of the available tools to tell them the story of their brands?

In this issue:

Social nation
How savvy retailers are harnessing the power of social media marketing and what it means for the future of your business.

Marketing to millennials – every segment of them
Millennials are fast becoming the most influential consumers today. As such, retailers are hard pressed to figure out an audience that can be mercurial, discerning and demanding, among other attributes.

Big data represents big opportunities for 21st century retail
Big Data is important in every industry, but perhaps none as much as retail which, at its core, has always been about predicting the behaviour of the customer—what will they buy, when, and at what price point?

Special in this issue:

Evolving with the times
In an oft uncertain sector and constantly changing landscape, there are lessons to be learned through the evolution of the Interac brand.

Canada Post wins prestigious ‘Retail Innovation’ award
The groundbreaking convenience-focused concept, launched by Canada’s postal service, could revolutionize the e-commerce industry.

The alliance with the mostest
Shopping mall landlords and retail tenants have formed unique partnerships, working together and leveraging the strengths of the other to increase traffic to their destinations and sales per square-foot.

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Previous Issue: The Grocery Issue 2017

On the cover: Grocery is one of the most competitive sectors in the entire retail landscape. And equal to its level of competition is the complexity of the challenges and issues that those within the sector deal with on a daily basis. Razor-thin margins, a discerning and evolving consumer and logistical demands are but a few of the hurdles that grocers must regularly overcome to remain successful and deliver the products and services that today’s Canadian grocery consumer has come to expect.

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Also in this issue:

Breaking the chain
Consumer demand and digital technology are transforming how traditional supply chains operate. For grocery retailers, it’s clear that this is no longer your father's supply chain.

van Stolk takes retail to the Last Frontier founder and speaker at RCC’s upcoming STORE 2017 warns grocers to reimagine the grocery shopping experience if they want customers to keep coming back.

The Millennial effect
Millennials’ value as consumers has been explored nearly to death. But, there's an aspect to the Millennial generation that has attracted substantially less attention: their impact on the workplace.

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