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Current Issue: cover The Supply Chain Issue 2017

In this issue:

Embracing the Internet of Things
Asset tracking. Fleet management. Customer insights. How the Internet of Things is changing the retail supply chain from the ground up.

Ten things retailers need to know about APIs
APIs have been around for some 17 years. Today, retailers are leveraging them to maximize inventory management and streamline supply chain operations.

Retail and the robotics revolution
Big investments in robotics and automation is revolutionizing the way goods are being warehoused, picked, packed and distributed.

The demands on supply
Canadian Retailer speaks with two supply chain experts to discuss the current state of the retail supply chain and opportunities for greater collaboration.

Reimagining the last mile
Despite where the final delivery of goods might be heading, the rise of omnichannel retail has resulted in increased demand for last-mile resources.

On the road toward a more responsible supply chain
In today’s environmentally-conscious world, find out how leading retailers are delivering on the promise of a better tomorrow.

Special in this issue:

Flowcasting: in-stock – whenever, wherever
How Princess Auto Ltd. is using the Flowcasting planning process to improve in-stocks and profits while unleashing a new omnichannel fulfilment model.

Growth reverberated
Danish footwear giant ECCO Shoes is currently expanding its presence within the Canadian market. Find out how it’s achieving its goals.

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Previous Issue: The Loss Prevention Issue 2017

In this issue:

20 Pairs of Blue Jeans
Retail investigators are always on-call to respond to attacks on the business. But, what’s involved in their day-to-day investigations to ensure that the businesses they protect are kept safe?

Riding the Radio Wave
How RFID technology stands to transform the world of retail—and how today's industry leaders are taking it to the next level

Also in this issue:

Restorative Justice: A Proving Ground for Loss Prevention
Retailers can realize opportunities to improve the lives of people living in communities they serve through a more educational and compassionate approach to first-time criminal offenders.

Preventing Loss through Data Analytics
If there’s a vertical that serves as the poster child for the hand-in-glove fit of technology and business, retail is it. Find out which technologies are helping retailers protect their businesses.

Retail Council of Canada’s Awards of Distinction recognize true Canadian retail leaders.
This year, Bonnie Brooks, Clint Mahlman and Winnipeg’s Diamond Gallery were awarded for their individual contributions to the industry.

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