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How to Emerge from the Pandemic with a Digital Growth Plan

Retail Council of Canada and Reshift Media hosted a three-part webinar series examining how Canadian retailers can emerge from the pandemic with a strong growth plan.

Part I: How the Pandemic Changed the Digital Game for Retailers

In our first session, we examined how consumer habits have changed over the last year, and how that has impacted retailers. We discussed the magnitude of the shift towards ecommerce and mobile commerce, as well as the newfound popularity of click-and-collect. We also learned how forward-thinking retailers were employing newer technologies such as augmented reality to capture new customers.

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Part II: Real-world Pandemic Digital Insights from Canadian Retailers

During our second session, we heard from retail leaders including M&M Food Market and Surmesur on how the pandemic impacted their businesses, and what they did to adjust. They shared trends they had seen first-hand, what changes they implemented, and where they see the retail industry going post-pandemic.

Part III: Emerging from COVID-19 with a Digital Growth Plan

In our final session we “connected the dots” from the first two sessions to outline specific strategies that retailers can pursue in order to grow their businesses. With our guest speakers from Harry Rosen and Dogtopia, we discussed a variety of ideas around first party data and how to use it, “mobile first” as a winning business strategy, ecommerce, online/offline integration, and localization.

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