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Keeping retailers informed on Alcohol & Cannabis

The sale of alcohol and cannabis is highly regulated and requirements vary across the country.  Retailers need to stay on top of the evolving regulatory landscape – both to ensure they are in compliance and to enable new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Advocating for retailers

Alcohol in Ontario: Choice & Convenience means GDP Growth

The rules on alcohol sales in Ontario grocery stores are changing.  RCC supports increased choice and convenience in alcohol sales in Ontario. Read RCC’s report highlighting how the Ontario Government’s move to increase choice & convenience for alcohol will also increase overall retail sales and benefit the economy.

Third-party delivery of alcohol in Quebec

Currently, the delivery of alcoholic products can only be done by employees of retailers; RCC is taking steps to allow alcohol delivery via a third party, as will soon be permitted for restaurant permit holders. This would allow retailers more flexibility in terms of who can deliver their products, including through mobile apps.

Legalization of Cannabis

The government of Canada legalized the sale of recreational cannabis in 2018 and is currently developing the rules for cannabis edibles.  The Regulations for the sale of cannabis vary from province to province.  RCC’s Cannabis ‘Cheat Sheet’ provides details on the key elements of the regulations across the country.

Tools and Resources

Cannabis Regulations Across Canada

This Cannabis ‘Cheat Sheet’ tells you what’s legal and where in Canada.

View resource.

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