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Certification for masks for workers now available in Québec

December 18, 2020

Following pressure from RCC, the Bureau de normalization du Québec (BNQ) launched the mask certification program for workplaces. The BNQ 1922-900 Masks for work environment certification booklet establishes the quality and performance requirements for masks intended for use in the workplace, reusable or single use, with or without a removable filter.

The certified masks may be used in workplaces that are not clinical environments and where people are not presenting symptoms compatible with COVID-19, when physical distancing measures or the installation of a physical barrier cannot be respected. Certified masks will offer an alternative to the procedural or medical mask currently recommended by the CNESST to protect workers.

Employers, workers and consumers will be able to easily recognize the certified masks thanks to a distinctive marking including in particular the BNQ conformity mark.