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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention Handbooks for Retailers

February 9, 2022

RCC’s Loss Prevention Committee has developed a series of handbooks to provide retailers with information on de-escalation, violence prevention, security strategies, and crowd management.

De-escalation tips for retailers

Whether you are at work or at home, you might have to deal with angry, aggressive, or abusive behaviour from customers. How you respond to this kind of behaviour can be the key to avoiding a physical confrontation.

These 10 de-escalation tips will help you respond to difficult behaviour in the safest, most effective way possible. Read guide.

Actions to prevent workplace violence

Employee training on workplace violence typically covers definitions and types of violence, risk factors and warning signs for violence, prevention strategies, and ways to respond to threatening, potentially violent, or violent situations.

This guide provides recommendations to mitigate potentially volatile situations. Read guide.

Best practices for creating a retail security strategy

Whether it’s to prepare for holiday season, upcoming sales, or general preparation, a good security strategy will help protect staff, merchandise, and stores.

This comprehensive checklist will help retailers communicate and maintain security strategies with staff. Read guide.

Best practices for crowd management

As COVID public health requirements continue to evolve and impact retail settings, effective crowd management must be prioritized by retailers.

This guide includes some useful suggestions that are particularly helpful in managing crowds. Read guide.