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Re-opening of non-essential businesses in Quebec as of February 8th

February 3, 2021

Following a constant decline in the COVID-19 cases across the province, the Quebec government has announced an adjustment of the restrictions currently in place. In short, from February 8, 2021:

  • Opening permitted for ALL stores throughout the province while respecting the opening hours permitted as per the curfews in place.
  • Permission for all businesses to sell ALL types of items, essential AND non-essential.
  • Shopping centers will be able to open their doors; adequate supervision of common areas has to be ensured.
  • The color code set up last fall will be back. All of the Quebec territory will remain in the red zone, except for the following which will be in orange:
    • Saguenay – Lac-Saint-Jean
    • Abitibi-Témiscamingue
    • Nord-du-Québec
    • Bas-Saint-Laurent
    • Gaspésie-Île-de-la-Madeleine
    • Côte-Nord
  • The curfew remains in place, but will vary by region:
    • From 8 PM in the red zone (shops closed at 7:30 PM at the latest) until 5 AM.
    • From 9:30 PM in the orange zone (shops closed at 9 PM at the latest) until 5 AM.
  • Details of the items that can be sold by businesses remaining open after the curfew are still to be confirmed.
  • In the orange zone, restaurant dining rooms may reopen under certain conditions:
    • Maximum of 2 adults per table accompanied by their children
    • Register and proof of residency mandatory 
    • Reservations mandatory (Except fast food restaurants)
  • No hindrance to interregional travel is planned for the moment.
  • The measures concerning the restrictions on the number of customers admitted in store remain the same (Floor area accessible to customers in m² ÷ per 20 m²). This does not include employees. 
  • Hairdressers and beauty salons can open throughout the province during opening hours while respecting guidelines around the curfew. 

Financial support for buisnesses

More financial support for businesses was announced on February 3rd by the Economy and Innovation Minister, Pierre Fitzgibbon. Businesses that were subject to a closure order in the context of the pandemic will be able to obtain a refund of their fixed costs during the restart period. For more information, see the Quebec government’s press release. (In French)

For more details, see the government website

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