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How can Retailers benefit from Recycling Lights? 

September 12, 2022

This is a sponsored article provided courtesy of ProductCare.

Consumers are placing increased priority on the sustainable practices of their retailers and producers. It has become increasingly important for retailers and producers to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility. The sustainable efforts promote loyalty with both consumers and clients. Introducing sustainable initiatives like recycling used lights (lamps) can inspire a positive outcome for retailers. 

Recycling lights diverts them from landfills. Some lights contain mercury and by recycling them, we prevent leachate contamination of soil, ground, and surface water. When recycled, light components like glass, metal, mercury, and phosphor are safely recovered, and are either stored or reused. The reusing of components in various manufacturing processes, we preserve our natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint. Aluminum, for example, requires 96% less energy to make from recycled materials than it does to process from raw materials. 

How can Product Care Recycling Help Retailers? 

Product Care Recycling’s lights programs provide FREE recycling services for used lights. With more than 1,300 recycling locations across BC, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, and soon to be Ontario, Product Care’s recycling programs safely and responsibly manages collected lights from consumers, retailers, and commercial businesses. In some provinces, customers with larger amounts of used lamps may qualify for FREE direct pickup services. 

After the lights are collected, they are separated into their component parts including glass, metal, and plastic under a controlled environment. They are then used in the manufacturing processes for other products. Hazardous materials like mercury found in fluorescent lights are treated prior to being securely landfilled to protect the environment. 

By participating and or getting involved with promoting Product Care Light Recycling Program, your company will be providing a service to your customers and demonstrating a dedication to protecting the environment, showcasing Corporate Social Responsibility as a core value for your organization. Retailers can also request for FREE brochures and other print materials here, to promote recycling programs available across 9 provinces in Canada.  

New EPR Light Program introducing in Ontario 

Beginning January 1, 2023, under Ontario Regulation 522/20: Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE Reg), there are new requirements for producers who supply obligated lighting products into Ontario, to collect and recycle lighting products at their end-of-life.  

We are a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario setting up a comprehensive lighting recycling program to help ensure lighting producers who register with Product Care Recycling meet their obligations that come into effect January 1, 2023. 

What we are doing for our producers: 

  • Setting up a collection network across Ontario 
  • Working with haulers and processors to ensure lighting material is tracked and recycled in accordance with regulatory requirements 
  • Conducting promotion and education in accordance with regulatory requirements 
  • Conducting regulatory reporting 

To register with us as your PRO, click here. Our Registration Guide provides step by step guidance. 

Producers of obligated lighting products supplied into Ontario will also be required to register with and report to the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA), the regulatory body in Ontario. 

About Product Care 

Product Care Recycling is a federally incorporated, not-for-profit, industry organization providing “Extended Producer Responsibility” (“EPR”) programs to producers of lights, paint, household hazardous waste, and alarms and other designated products across Canada and in the US. As of 2021, we have managed to collect and recycle over 70 million lights across Canada. Our mission is to provide product stewardship solutions that advance the efficiency and effectiveness of program delivery for our members, while caring for the environment, our consumers, and our employees. For more information about how to get involved with our programs, please visit