Phase-Out of Inefficient Lighting


The Government of Canada is introducing standards to improve the efficiency of typical residential light bulbs being sold in Canada. Improving energy efficiency reduces the amount of energy used and thus reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Retail Council of Canada, in collaboration with Natural Resources Canada has produced various training and reference material for use with your associates.

Retail Council of Canada encourages retailers to provide these resources to associates so that they can learn about the benefits of efficient lighting options and to be prepared to answer questions posed by customers.

Download Resources for your store:

User Guide (contains detailed information about the phase-out including product alternatives and key points)

Preparting retailers and consumers for the Phase out of inefficient lighting

Posters for your store

  • national phase in of enerft efficient lighting
  • national phase out of energy efficient lighting poster

Pocket Cards (address specific topics about the phase-out)


For more information about the phase-out, retailers can contact Lori Goncalves, 1-888-373-8245 ext 234 or email [email protected]

The following websites are also available for reference from Natural Resources Canada