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New Brunswick’s minimum wage to increase by five cents

February 26, 2021

Member Update/Impact

The New Brunswick government has announced that on April 1, 2021, the province’s minimum wage will increase by $0.05 to $11.75 per hour. 


Minimum wage in New Brunswick is indexed to province’s Consumer Price Index for the previous year and rounded to the nearest five cents.  Minimum wage is adjusted on April 1 of each year.

RCC’s successful advocacy has resulted in harmonization throughout Atlantic Canada, concerning the determination of minimum wage.  In each of the four Atlantic provinces, minimum wage is adjusted on April 1 of each year.  In New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia, minimum wage is adjusted based on the change in the Consumer Price Index for the previous year.  This process is subject to an annual review and special adjustments can be to the base wage.

The government’s press release can be found here.  Given the impact of COVID-19 on many businesses throughout New Brunswick, retailers are thankful that the government is continuing to follow a legislated, predictable formula for determining the province’s minimum wage.

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