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RCC Supports UN Global Plastics Treaty Negotiations in Ottawa 

April 30, 2024

Attention retailers who sell products that contain or are packaged in plastic: At the UN Global Plastics Treaty negotiations (INC-4) in Ottawa last week, RCC’s Michael Zabaneh, alongside Hon. Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, took a moment to highlight the retail sector’s dedication to achieving a circular economy and net zero goals, and to congratulate the government’s efforts on hosting of the INC-4 negotiations in Ottawa. Following a week of negotiations, two treaty paths from varying countries are emerging and may eventually converge: 

  • A global treaty which aims to reduce plastic production and waste with unified policies and targets. It covers the entire lifecycle of plastics. 
  • A national framework which considers the capabilities of developing countries, offering flexibility in policy development. Advocates prioritize waste management over production caps and extended producer responsibility. 

Voting doesn’t take place at INC conferences; instead, consensus is sought for proposed targets and outcomes. This approach is necessary because various national frameworks could lead to inefficient policies. The upcoming INC-4 conference will pave the way for further negotiations at INC-5 in November. RCC is optimistic about the possibility of a global plastics treaty that would establish fair objectives and standards for governments and industries. This would create a level playing field across sectors, enabling effective measures to reduce plastic waste.